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Featured Resource: Cat and Dog Theology

By Bob Sjogren, President of UnveilinGlory"Evangelical Humanism," have you ever heard of it? Most people know what "humanism" is-a philosophy where mankind's ideals, needs and thoughts are at the center. Evangelical Humanism says, "The chief end of Christianity is the...

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Another Website Mentions Sixteen:Fifteen

Crossroads Church mentions how Sixteen:Fifteen helped their church reach the Fra-Fra People of North Ghana. At the time, Wycliffe was nearing completion of the Bible into the Fra-Fra language. Crossroads financially supported it's completion. But it didn't stop...

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Book Review: Boundless Faith by Robert Wuthnow

"The situation in which American church members now find themselves is one of unprecedented opportunities for engagement in the experiences of people whose lives are quite different from their own." So says Robert Wuthnow in his new book Boundless Faith; The Global...

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Book Review: Serving as Senders

Neal Pirolo, founder and President of Emmaus Road International in the preface to his book Serving as Senders describes the effect of hearing a speaker at an Urbana conference say that for each soldier on the battle field, nine others were backing him up in one way or...

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Some Websites We Like

This site highlights the Palaung People of China, Myanmar and Thailand. Good information and some nice photos. Check it out at: http://forgottenpeoples.shutterfly.com/This site mentions Matthew Ellison, has a book review, Bruchko by Bruce Olson. Check it out here:...

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Book Review: Let the Nations be Glad by John Piper

This is an excellent book on the ultimate goal of missions by author and teaching pastor Dr. John Piper. Piper clearly demonstrates from the Bible that the ultimate goal for the church is not missions but the worship of God. As he puts it, “Missions exists because...

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The 3D Process in Simple Terms

Virgil Dugan, President of the Tijeras Foundation, has referred to Sixteen:Fifteen as being like a house key. The key may seem small and insignificant by itself, but when used as intended it opens the door to all the valuable items in the home. He says that, in the...

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