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Ramadan Prayer

I often hear people say that Islam is the most dangerous religion in the world. Usually they are referring to the radical elements such as Al-Queda and others. I suppose in one sense it is true that Islam is dangerous to the security of the West.But I think Islam is...

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Baby Steps

Recently I was reminded of the movie "What About Bob". If you have not seen it, it stars Bill Murray as a benign mental patient who is convinced that the only way to get help is to always be near his doctor - played by Richard Dreyfuss. Murray ends up following...

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Great Story about North Africa

Having previously served in North Africa, I was encouraged by this story on CBN. The movement of people Christ in Algeria is one of the very few real breakthroughs that we have ever seen in the Muslim world.

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Iraqi Refugees

I've just returned from a trip to Jordan with one of our partner churches. Our purpose in going was to access the situation of Iraqi refugees living there. I was, of course, prepared to see difficult living conditions - but I was still not prepared for what we...

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Books on Islam

There has been much written on Islam since 9/11 and, frankly, much of it isn't worth the paper it is written on. It is reactionary, stereotypical, based on limited study, and/or mean-spirited - and I am talking about books published by Christian companies and for sale...

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Great Resource on Vision

I want to heartily recommend a message which Bill Hybels recently gave at his annual Leadership Summit.The message is titled "Vision to Die For", and concerns how leaders get others to fully buy into a vision for the church, organization, etc. Hybels contends that the...

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Matthew’s Thoughts on Supporting Indigenous Works.

Here are a portion of the the notes from a sermon/teaching that I give called "Avoiding the Help That Hurts". It concerns Western support of non-Western ministries, and gives some basic guidelines for doing so.Matthew- Give to one-time projects that the locals feel...

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Responding to Rowell

The October issue of Christianity Today includes an article entitled "The Dread Curse of Stinginess", by John Rowell - who currently serves as president of Ministry Resource Network (Click on the title of this post to see the original article).The premise of the...

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