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Dying Was Not Death For My Grandma

My grandmother, Frances Hubbard, flew to Jesus on Sunday morning July 13, 2014 – she was 102 years old. In October she would have been 103. She did not fear death, but welcomed it’s REWARD.  In fact, for the last 2 years she regularly requested that I pray that Jesus...

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Interview with Brian Roberts, iDonate CRO

Sixteen:Fifteen's Matthew Ellison asks Brian Roberts from iDonate a few questions about how churches and missions organizations can accept noncash donations. 1. Stuff…people have lots of stuff. Brian, give us an idea of just how much stuff the average American...

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Guest Blog Post | Greg Murtha from iDonate

Investments that Matter The story of Ray Gary and iDonate Three years ago Ray Gary entered the Halftime Institute in Dallas and introduced himself with a simple statement: "Hello, my name is Ray Gary. I spent the last 26 years of my life making a lot of money while...

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An Interview with Catalyst’s Ellen Livingood

1. The first church missions strategy on your list is having no strategy at all. The majority of churches in the past just left strategy to others. Why should church leaders wrestle with trying to determine a missions strategy specific to their congregation?  Click...

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Blazing a Trail Through the Missions Strategy Maze

Socrates may have been the source of the famous line, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” But he was merely reiterating a biblical principle that we need to examine our actions and motives. Both the “what” and the “why” of our lives are to be regularly...

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Every Believer

God is doing a new thing in local churches across America and around the world.  For a long time many churches have primarily engaged in world missions in a support role, limiting their participation to sending money and people through mission organizations.  As a...

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A Field Update From Matthew Ellison

I'm in Great Falls, Montana coaching a great church, Harvest Springs Community.  Great Falls was named after a series of huge waterfalls discovered by Lewis and Clark along the upper Missouri River.... Today, this one dam (pictured above) channels the massive volume...

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Suffering – The Price of Fulfillment

A Message From Matthew Ellison about Summer Missions What are summer mission trips all about?  By now, most of you have realized that summer mission trips are not summer camp.  Summer missions is not about more of those clever summer youth events that give you those...

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