What do you believe the greatest injustice in the world is today?

What stirs your spirit? What provokes your heart to the point that you absolutely must act…to the point that you must do something?

Imagine your family or your kids, or just a few of the people you love most in this world are unreached. Being unreached means having no access to any Christians and no access to the Gospel; NO opportunity to experience the salvation and love of Jesus Christ. Not knowing it even exists. Totally lost. There is only one thing worse than being totally lost: Being lost and having no one trying to find you.

Is this ACCEPTABLE to you?

Sadly, this is a reality today for roughly 6,000 unreached people groups, numbering nearly 3 billion souls who still lack access to the Gospel. They are unreached, not because they are unreachable, but because we have chosen not to reach them. They are on a path that leads to eternal hell, and no one has even told them how they can go to heaven. Unless something changes, they will likely be born, live, and die without ever hearing the Gospel.

We believe this is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE.

Enough is Enough

Since 2004 Sixteen:Fifteen has been UNLEASHING churches to reach the unreached. The passion driving us in the beginning continues to drive us now. The very concept of unreached peoples is intolerable to us, so we remain steadfast in our vision of unleashing churches to shine forth the Light of Christ among hidden, forgotten, and unreached peoples around the world.

Stand With Us.

A financial gift to Sixteen:Fifteen will help unleash churches to REACH the UNREACHED!

Please prayerfully consider giving a recurring monthly gift of just $50.00 or more and join with us in saying, “It is UNACCEPTABLE for people to have NO ACCESS to the Gospel of Christ!”