May 8 through 9 – Kansas City, MO

In the world of missions, there is the agency, missionary and local church. Removal of one of these is a disaster waiting to happen. We at Avant have made it a point to contact the local church when a person applies and after they have been accepted as an Avant missionary. We also encourage the new missionary to meet regularly with the church missions leadership.

However, we realized this was not enough and that our relationship with the local church could and should be much stronger.

In 2008 we added the C.A.N. (Church. Agency. Now.) Conference to this relationship. We wanted to listen to church missions leaders. We also wanted them to know the leadership of Avant and its heartbeat. The C.A.N. conference has allowed us to work together in a stronger way to successfully support missionaries on the field.

We want to thank you for all you have and are doing to disciple and send missionaries all over the world. Please accept our invitation to join other church mission-minded leaders for our C.A.N. Conference. This is our opportunity to explore new ways churches and mission agencies can partner together to build the kingdom.

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