Free Webinar | March 28, 2018 | 12 Noon MT

Session 1 “Stewardship of God’s Assets: Rethinking What It Means to be Generous”

with Virgil Dugan of the National Christian Foundation

Does our modern, cultural definition of “generosity” prevent us from being truly generous?  How does the modern concept of generosity relate to stewardship AND giving?  Most Christians agree that assets are created by God and entrusted to us, His stewards, for oversight and management for His eternal purposes and for His honor.  Is it possible that our modern culture and language have redefined the traditional concepts of generosity, stewardship and giving?  Join us as we explore the Biblical definitions of these terms and discuss their relationship as they were intended by the Master.

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Free Webinar | April 4, 2018 | 12 Noon MT

Session 2 “Business Has the Power to do More than Charity Alone”

with Aimee Minnich and John Moore of Impact Foundation 

How can businesses make more Kingdom impact than simply giving to charities?  While charitable giving is critically important, handouts cannot fix the underlying social issues plaguing our society like poverty, hunger, and fatherlessness.  Businesses that seek profit plus social, environmental and Kingdom impact have the power to do more than charity alone!  In this webinar, the Impact Foundation will introduce to us “Kingdom Impact Investing”.  Forbes has named “Kingdom Impact Investing” the number one trend in philanthropy for the last two years.  Join us as the Impact Foundation explains how donors who desire to change the world through business can also earn a return on their charitable capital.

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