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Our Treasure

by: Rebecca Tarantino, Intern at Sixteen: FifteenWhen I hear the word “treasure”, I think of pirates, hidden treasure chests, and gold. The real meaning of the word “treasure” is a thing or person that is highly prized or valued. What do you value most? Who/what is...

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A Wasted Life

by: Rebecca Tarantino, Intern at Sixteen: FifteenWhat does it mean to waste your life? Does it mean not living life to the fullest? Does it mean not meeting your full potential? Is it based on how you spent your time? Did you live it up or throw it away? What does a...

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HELL-BENT: Hell and Christ’s Global Missions Mandate

by Matthew EllisonIS HELL REAL?  This question has been debated in the Christian church for over two millennia.  The recent release of Rob Bell’s book entitled, “Love Wins,” and the subsequent barrage of commentary about the topic have again surfaced the debate in...

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A King and His Kingdom!

by Michael O'HalloranThe gospel reaches beyond geopolitical boundaries, international boarders, and racial bigotry. For it declares that Jesus and His Kingdom are sovereign and rule over the affairs of heaven and earth, both in this world and the world to come—for...

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An Eternal Investment

When a financial investor is researching where to place his or her money, one of the primary things looked for is the return on investment or ROI. And, one of the top questions is: what return I’m I going to receive on my money? The formula to find ROI is: your gain...

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Thanks for Your Support

As the first weeks of the New Year comes to a close, it is with great joy and grateful hearts that we write you this letter. Sixteen:Fifteen is extremely thankful for your generous support in 2010, and we know that without your faithful prayers and generous financial...

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