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Great Resource on Vision

I want to heartily recommend a message which Bill Hybels recently gave at his annual Leadership Summit. The message is titled "Vision to Die For", and concerns how leaders get others to fully buy into a vision for the church, organization, etc....

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Matthew’s Thoughts on Supporting Indigenous Works.

Here are a portion of the the notes from a sermon/teaching that I give called "Avoiding the Help That Hurts". It concerns Western support of non-Western ministries, and gives some basic guidelines for doing so.Matthew- Give to one-time projects that the locals feel...

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Responding to Rowell

The October issue of Christianity Today includes an article entitled "The Dread Curse of Stinginess", by John Rowell - who currently serves as president of Ministry Resource Network (Click on the title of this post to see the original article).The premise of the...

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Hello (getting started)

Hello and welcome to the Sixteen:Fifteen (or simply 1615) Mobilizer blogspot. My name is Jerrid Stelter, and I am the Director of Church Strategy and Partnerships for Sixteen:Fifteen Church Missions Coaches, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.We are hoping to create a...

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