Go into all the world

Assisting churches to take an active role in missions

Asian Partners International, Inc.

Asian Partners International, Inc. (APII) is committed to starting and supporting Church Plant Movements (CPM) in limited and restricted access countries. Our focus is in North India where we have seen an explosion of growth and the spread of the gospel through CPM. At the end of 2009, the harvest in North India was over 90,000 house churches and over 4 million new believers. APII specializes in helping churches become directly involved in Church Planting Movements. If your church wants to reach the unreached, APII needs your help to reach those who have never had the opportunity to hear the gospel. With over 16 years of experience APII can help you efficiently use your time and resources to touch unreached people and unreached people groups.

Cafe 1040

Cafe 1040 exists to help mobilize the next generation of missionaries to the 3.1 billion people have little to no access to the story of Jesus. We invite young adults to come walk alongside long-term missionaries to see what their life could look like telling the story of Jesus among an unreached people group. We run our overseas mentorship program at one of our overseas locations, immersing students in cross-cultural living, language, history, religion, and spiritual discipleship – all for the purpose of equipping the next generation of missionaries with the clarity and confidence needed to understand how their skills, passions, talents, and abilities can play a part in taking the story of Jesus where it has never been told.

Crescent Project

Crescent Project’s mission is to inspire, equip and serve the Church to reach Muslims with the Gospel of Christ for the Glory of God. It is our vision to see a day when fear is replaced with love and millions of Christians are actively sharing the truth of Christ with millions of Muslims for the glory of God. We do this through prayer, training, local outreach, and short-term trips.

Delta Ministries

DELTA Ministries provides customized consulting and resources for local churches who desire to use short-term missions as a part of their strategy. DELTA specializes in logistical support, customized training, on-field management and follow-through, and is convinced that short-term ministry accomplishes the work of missions, generates career missionaries, inspires missions in the local church and is a catalyst for life-change in the short-termer.

Emmaus Road International

Emmaus Road International is a resource ministry for Third Millennium Missions. ERI is able to assist your church to mobilize an effective cross-cultural outreach ministry in your church, train your cross-cultural teams, both those who go and those who serve as senders, and network your teams with ministries on every continent who are asking for help. ERI offers resources in five areas: 1. Publications, 2. Seminars, 3. ACTS Media Resources, 4. ACTS 29 Training Courses, 5. ACTS Ministry Trips.

Encountering the World of Islam

Encountering the World of Islam is a widely endorsed course that mobilizes and equips people to advance Christ’s kingdom among Muslims through outcome-based experiential learning. Since 1992, over 25,000, in 30 countries have been effectively trained for building relationships and respectfully sharing the hope of Christ with Muslims all over the world.


Frontiers is an interdenominational sending agency engaged in church planting, evangelism, mobilization for mission relief and/or rehabilitation and Bible translation.” Frontiers’ purpose is to plant “reproducing churches among unreached Muslim peoples.”

International Students, Inc.

We exist to share Christ’s love with international college students. Since 1953, ISI has been training Americans to meet international students’ needs. These Americans befriend international students and help them adjust to American culture.

Our culturally sensitive and concerned staff and volunteers are reaching out to thousands of the more than 1,100,000 international students who study in the United States each year. These students, separated from family and friends, often feel lonely and isolated and are unsure about how to relate to America’s culture and its people. Sadly, many international students are never invited into an American home. Many miss the opportunity to have an American friend.

ISI works closely with international student advisers and other college and university officials to help students. We offer friendship to any student, regardless of race, nationality, or religious preference. ISI staff and volunteers are working on 677 campuses across the country to orient and acquaint international students to their new home and cultural experience.

OMF International

God has given OMF International a heart for Asia and the desire to bring his hope to billions. Through God’s grace, OMF International aims to see an indigenous, biblical church movement in each people group of East Asia, evangelizing their own people and reaching out in mission to other peoples. One way we pursue this mission is by equipping, empowering and encouraging local churches to have a significant gospel impact among the unreached in East Asia.

Mission Next

Mission Next (formerly, the Finisher’s Project) is a service organization designed to provide information and pathways for people to become engaged in missions – either on a short-term basis or as a second-half career. The materials are tuned to the boomer generation. As a generation the Lord has put it in their hearts to do something different, something more lasting, something eternally significant. They are the healthiest and best-educated generation of evangelical early retirees in history. Boomers will challenge conventional retirement thinking and use their unique giftedness for the Kingdom of God.


Perspectives on the World Christian Movement will provide an introduction to the Biblical basis for missions, a history of the expansion of the world Christian movement, a basic understanding of culture and its effect on the spread of the gospel, and exposure to current mission thinking. This course prepares professional and lay church leaders to think critically and strategically about their involvement in missions.

Power of Connecting

We at visionSynergy are committed to advancing collaboration in Christian ministry around the world. In the past generation, a new model of ministry leadership has emerged – uniquely suited to our increasingly interconnected world. The “celebrity leadership” model has gone. The “collaborative leadership” model has come. Collaborative leaders see the world differently. They see networks and synergies, not organizations and limitations. Collaborative leadership is not just about effective teamwork. It is about working across boundaries – across ministries, agencies, and organizations – to accomplish goals, solve problems, and realize dreams beyond the capacity of any individual.

Reaching Indians Mission International

Reaching Indians Mission International (RIMI) seeks to glorify Christ by training national (indigenous) leaders who plant reproducing churches in India and beyond. This is implemented by the partnership of God’s people everywhere. RIMI’s India based ministry is called MISSION INDIA.

Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators

Shepherd’s Staff Mission Facilitators is a full-service missions ministry that exists to glorify God by assisting local churches and their members fulfill the Lord’s commission to make disciples of all nations. We are not a local church, but a tool, a “staff”, if you will, available for use by the shepherd (hence the name, Shepherd’s Staff), and/or the leadership of a local fellowship. Our God-given, biblically based vision is brought into reality through our desire and ability to serve local churches and their missionaries in one or more of the following areas: Preparation, Education, Administration, Consultation and Edification.

Standard of Excellence

The Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission (SOE) is a membership, accrediting, and resourcing body for churches, agencies and schools providing benefits and services to members and non-members. SOE desires to make mission trips better by helping mission sending and receiving entities apply The Seven Standards to their specific ministry context through coaching and consulting, on-site training and mobilization, and conferences and workshops.

Trans World Radio

Trans World Radio is engaged in broadcasting, audio recording/distribution, church planting, correspondence courses, evangelism and technical assistance…using mass media to assist the Church in evangelizing and making disciples of all peoples.


Our mission is to unveil God’s glory with the church, so believers of all ages passionately radiate His Glory in all areas of their lives and become engaged in revealing it to all peoples of the world. UnveilinGlory is an international educational and prophetic ministry whose goal is to assist local churches and individuals in the ministry of edification. The UnveilinGlory team is committed to a trans-denominational and trans-cultural ministry through the media of seminars, literature, videotape, audiotape, computer resources and formal education.


At Avant, we have a consuming passion for the unevangelized people of the world. We love to watch God eternally transform lives through the churches planted by our missionaries.Today, Avant is breaking the boundaries of traditional missions. By God’s grace, we’re moving into new territories with new techniques, including Short-Cycle Church Planting, to preach the unchanging gospel of Jesus Christ. We’re strategically partnering with national believers who can carry on the work and multiply the results.

Catalyst Service

Catalyst assists mission agencies and denominations to collaborate more effectively with local churches to accelerate their global impact. Let Catalyst help you spark exciting new agency~church partnership!

Crown Financial Ministries

Crown Financial Ministries®, founded in 1976, is an interdenominational ministry dedicated to equipping people around the world to learn, apply, and teach biblical financial principles. Crown has taught or equipped more than 50 million people in over 80 nations with the life-transforming message of faithfully living by God’s financial principles in every area of their lives. The ministry is located in the United States, Canada, Latin America, South America, and Africa, and is expanding into Europe, India, Asia, and Australia. Crown relies on approximately 250 employees and over 10,000 passionate volunteers worldwide to help ignite True Financial Freedom around the globe.

Engage Global

Engage Global exists to be a catalyst for the long term engagement of unreached peoples around the world by leading short term teams and interns through intensive missions discipleship among internationals living in the Twin Cities.


Of the world’s 6,500 people groups, 2,500 are still unreached. Ethnos360, founded in 1942 as New Tribes Mission, helps local churches train, coordinate and send missionaries to these peoples.

Faith Comes by Hearing

Faith Comes By Hearing produces Audio New Testaments in order to break the barriers encountered in sharing the Gospel among the peoples of the world who are illiterate or are from an oral tradition, in order that they can hear God’s Word in their “heart language,” find salvation in Jesus Christ and become disciples.

Food for the Hungry

FH responds to help shelter, feed and clothe survivors of natural disasters. FH also does long-term development work with the poor to transform impoverished communities into healthy, productive places for children to grow. We work in the following areas:COMMUNITY TRANSFORMATION: Food for the Hungry works with poor communities to find solutions to increase child survival. The poor learn skills to overcome poverty. EMERGENCY RESPONSE: FH’s Emergency Response Unit (ERU) brings critical physical assistance and Christ’s love to disaster survivors around the world. COUNTRIES: Food for the Hungry works with the poor in more than 25 countries around the globe. CAUSES: FH helps poor communities transform into healthy places for children to live, through training the poor in areas like agriculture and water.

Ibec Ventures

Business as Mission (BAM) is real business with a Kingdom of God perspective, purpose and impact. Business people and entrepreneurs from all industries and skill sets are actively pursuing how they can engage BAM.The ultimate vision of IBEC Ventures is to assist others in creating sustainable businesses which will facilitate the making of disciples of Jesus, resulting in transformed lives, families, and communities. Our focus is to facilitate entrepreneurialism in developing countries that are still unreached. Our desire is to work with likeminded individuals and organizations who value a sustainable and integrated approach to missional work. The primary IBEC client is the BAM worker in the developing world. Through our partnership with 1615 we also provide training modules and seminars to assist the church in North America.

Mid India Child

Mid India Child is a ministry of Mid India Christian Mission, dedicated to reaching the unreached in India. Most people living in India come from a background without Jesus Christ or even knowing who Jesus is. Our mission is for that to change through child sponsorship. Through Mid India Child we are seeing lives transformed by Christ through meeting the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child. Christ came to give hope to the hopeless, and that is what we strive to do through the ministry of Mid India Child.


MissionMakr.com is a web-based tool that lets you communicate and create impact with MissionMembrs, MissionSupportrs and your whole church before, during and after your trip. Helping you communicate through the 4 phases of every short-term trip: Launch – GearUP – GO! – TellEach of the four phases follows the natural progression of a short-term trip. Use drag and drop widgets built for missions and our Quick Start templates to add your own content to each phase. MissionMakr simplifies communication and delivers impact. It’s an easy to use, cost effective, time saving solution built just for short-term trips.  Check out these videos for details about each step.

Mission ONE

Mission One mobilizes and trains the church for partnership with national missionaries, focusing on unreached people groups and serving the poor and oppressed. Mission ONE is focused primarily on planting churches among unreached peoples, those who have little or no access to the gospel of Christ. Most of the national missionary partners supported by Mission ONE are laboring among Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, or animistic people. More than 80% of these missionaries live in the “10-40 Window” where the vast majority of unreached peoples live. Similarly, Mission ONE partnership projects focus on serving the poor and the oppressed of these same areas. Since 1991, Mission ONE partners have reported 200,000 conversions to Christ and 4,000 new churches planted in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.


Pioneers mobilizes teams to glorify God among Unreached Peoples by initiating indigenous church-planting movements in partnership with local churches.

Propempo International

Propempo International was created to come alongside churches to assist development of biblical, local church centered missions ministry. Our priority on local church interests together with extensive experience in cross-cultural and missions settings can accelerate your vision for fulfilling the Great Commission through your church. Propempo is involved in cross-cultural training, training and development of international workers, counsel and mentoring of church leaders as well as candidates for overseas service.

The Lord has also graciously granted us the opportunity to lead and teach in strategic efforts overseas. We custom-develop and recommend policies, resources, curricula, and vision-focused plans for enabling your church to fully own and participate in developing, sending, supporting, and shepherding your own people.

Scriptures in Use

Scriptures in Use provides training for non-western church planters partnering with initiating churches for the purpose of evangelizing and making disciples of oral communicators through Bible storytelling.

The Seed Company

The Seed Company, a Wycliffe affiliate, partners with national Christians to translate Scripture for people groups where virtually no Scripture is available, as well as providing introductions for strategic relationships in the target regions.

Sima® International, Inc

Formerly People Management, SIMA® International, Inc.’s mission is to identify and describe the unique and powerful contribution lying largely untapped in each individual and to assist our clients to harness both the heart and the mind for job fit, collective performance, employee satisfaction and organizational achievement. No leadership occurs apart from Motivated Abilities® and our SIMA® process is the only door to an individual’s sweet spot passion.

Travel Protectors

Travel Protectors offers travel insurance that includes medical coverage and emergency assistance services for USA Residents and non-USA Residents traveling outside their home country.

Wycliffe Bible Translators Intl.

Wycliffe Bible Translators Intl. is the international coordination center for 31 Wycliffe national sending agencies and 14 affiliates around the world. Wycliffe is engaged in Bible translation, linguistics, literacy work and other activities needed to support these primary ministries.