Go into all the world

Our agency partners help us assist churches in taking an active role in missions. 

We believe that the best partnerships are birthed from deep relationships. When the men and women from different organizations sit across a table from one another, break bread and get to know one another and their passions for God, the Bible, the Church, the nations…..things start happening. ‘Partnership’ & ‘Collaboration’ are words so easily thrown around in the ministry world and even harder to find.


We consider ourselves lucky to call the men and women at these organizations below partners in ministry and collaborators in God’s global mission. We recommend them to churches without hesitation. These organizations have amazing people working for them and their organizations have a very HIGH view of the local church. They are not seeking to do missions for the local church, they desire to do missions with the local church.


If you and your church and looking for an organization to partner with in mobilizing your church to the nations, look no further.



Our Partner Organizations


Recommended Resources

We are also lucky and fortunate to come across a number of strong organizations that provide the resources needed for the local church. There are so many organizations out there and it’s sometimes hard to tell them apart. Here are a few organizations and programs we highly recommend.