A Forgotten People Remembered: The Isan People of Thailand

A Special Update from Sixteen:Fifteen

Isan (or Issan) is the name of a people group, language, and region of northeast Thailandnear the Laosborder. There are an estimated 25 million Isan people and sadly only an estimated 50,000 are Christ followers.  This means that they are considered unreached.  Simply put, the gospel has not penetrated the Isan, most have never heard the Truth, and there is not yet an indigenous, witnessing, reproducing church.  Among this precious people, Christ remains largely unknown, unloved, unacknowledged and unadored.

Photo: Joshua Project

However unknown the Isan may be to most of the world, God has not forgotten them. Grace Community Church in Casa Grande Arizona, with the assistance of Sixteen:Fifteen Missions Coaching is preparing to deploy a comprehensive vision to make Christ known among this once forgotten people.  Grace Church’s unique gifts, talents, and passions will soon be unleashed to reach this unreached people group.

Please remember to pray for the Isan, for Grace Church, and for Sixteen:Fifteen as we endeavor to mobilize churches across the country to make much of Christ among those peoples who are still beyond the gospel’s reach.
May your crown be brightened with the acclamations of praise that will redound to the Savior from people groups won to Christ (like the Isan) because of your generosity to the Greatest Cause, namely the Great Commission.
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