“If everything is mission, nothing is mission. If everything the church does is to be classed as “mission,” we shall need to find another term…” – Stephen Neil

In the first book, When Everything Is Missions, Matthew & Denny called all of us to refocus our gaze on the gospel and the Great Commission. They did their best to raise seven questions that shape how we think about and carry out the global mission of the Church.

In the follow-up book, Conversations on When Everything Is Missions, more than 15 contributors added their voices. Each brings research, analysis, and years of experience to the table. They reflect on how we got to the place where many sincere Christians believe everything is missions and address what it might take to put the gospel and the Great Commission back at the center of our global outreach efforts.

(contributors pictured L to R: Ed Stetzer, David Platt, J.D. Payne, Jeff Lewis, Pam Arlund, Jeff Jackson, James Mason, Ted Esler, Jean Johnson,
Steve Beirn, Dick Brogden, Gary Corwin, Mark Vowels, Denny Spitters, Matthew Ellison)

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