Socrates may have been the source of the famous line, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” But he was merely reiterating a biblical principle that we need to examine our actions and motives. Both the “what” and the “why” of our lives are to be regularly scrutinized in light of Scripture. Why? Because we are to constantly pursue excellence as we manage the 1, 2, or 5 talents God has entrusted to us (Matt. 25:14-30).

I believe that church missions leaders are 5-talent stewards, regardless of the size or material wealth of their church. And as leaders, they will someday stand before their Master and be held accountable. Leaders will answer for how they invested and managed the resources God put into their congregation specifically for His purpose of reaching the world.

If that is true, it seems obvious that church missions leaders need to regularly reexamine and reevaluate their “talent management strategy.” Global missions is too important to take this responsibility lightly or to neglect revisiting it regularly. We cannot just rush after the latest missions trend. Each church’s strategy needs to fit that church and take into account current global opportunities.

maze_tFirst, are you clear on what your global strategy is? The October issue of Catalyst Services’ Postings outlines seven of the most common strategies.  CLICK HERE TO READ

Second, will you take time to do some assessment? You will also find in the Postings mentioned above a list of questions to help you and your team begin the evaluating process. Third, join us on the Sixteen:Fifteen webinar on November 7 to discuss the strategy clarification and implementation process.
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