“To say that the church is an awesome resource is still an understatement, possibly somewhat condescending. She is more than that. She is a God-designed central player, a full partner. The vast majority of all the resources God has entrusted to his people – spiritual gifts, vocational expertise, life experience, capacity for spiritual warfare, financial reserves, etc. – he has placed in local churches.” (from Loving the church, Blessing the Nations – Pursuing the Role of Local Churches in God’s Global Mission)

George Miley writes with passion as he exhorts the local church to step into its role as an active and primary partner in fulfilling the Great Commission. When the church rediscovers its God-given role as a full partner in missions, it is able to then ask the question, “What is our unique role as a church knowing our calling and resources?” This book shows how churches can become centers of mission vision and implementation to accomplish God’s design for the local church. Patrick Johnstone of Operation World wrote, “I am delighted with this courageous and balanced book, which helps us toward a more biblical concept of local churches and missions for the twenty-first century.”

Miley closes his book with these words, “Mission is not something somebody else does who is far away and whom we hardly know. Mission is something we do – we all do – together.”

Reviewed by Barry Lawrence, Director of Church Coaching

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