Please tell us about yourself and your role with Crescent Project.
Hello, I am Fouad Masri, The founder and CEO of Crescent Project. I was born and raised in the war zone of Beirut, Lebanon. As a third generation ordained pastor, I have a passion for sharing the love of Christ with Muslims and have been reaching out to Muslims and inspiring others to follow this example since 1979. In 1993, I founded Crescent Project to nurture transformational relationships between Christians and Muslims and to rally the Church to reach out to Muslims to share the Good News of Christ.

What is the mission and goals of Crescent Project?
The mission of Crescent Project is to inspire, equip and serve the Church to reach Muslims with the Gospel of Christ. Our goal is to see every Muslim have an opportunity to respond to the Gospel and be connected to a true follower of Jesus.

Please share one of your favorite testimonial stories about your work with Crescent Project.That’s a tough question because we’ve seen lots of wonderful things happen since we began this ministry back in 1993. God has really used us in powerful ways to help rally the Church to be fulfilling the Great Commission among Muslims. Perhaps I could talk about the widespread impact our training has had around the world. The Bridges study, which is our core curriculum, is now being used in over 50 countries and has been translated into 7 languages. Muslims around the world are being impacted by our efforts and even coming directly to us for answers. In fact, we had a young Muslim girl attend one of our women’s conferences in the spring! In 1993 when we started, we might hear about Muslims coming to faith a few times a year. Now, we hear of Muslims coming to Christ almost every week. In fact, we learned recently that an Imam in Texas came to faith in Christ and was baptized! The man who led him to the Lord had been through our training and been faithful to apply it!

How can local churches get involved with Crescent Project and what are the investment/participation opportunities?
Local churches can get involved with Crescent Project in a number of ways either locally or across the country at our various training events. The best place to start is with our Bridges small group study designed to provide a foundational understanding of Islamic history, culture and belief along with way to build bridges to the Gospel with Muslims. Churches can also join us at our regional Without Borders Women’s events which are designed to equip Christian women to engage Muslim women in Gospel conversations. They can also join us at our annual National Conference which offers a 2.5 day conference of keynote sessions and a wide array of workshops designed to inspire and equip the local church to engage Muslims. Our 2017 conference is being held in the Raleigh-Durham, NC area Nov. 2-4. We also offer another level of training that is more intensive and is attended by missionaries and those with a call to go deeper in Muslim ministry. Sahara Challenge is held annually in June and has true international reach in its impact with participants serving all over the world.  Crescent Project National Conference Details

How can someone who is interested in Crescent Project contact you to get more information?
The best place to learn more and connect with us is our website –