By Bob Sjogren, President of UnveilinGlory

“Evangelical Humanism,” have you ever heard of it? Most people know what “humanism” is-a philosophy where mankind’s ideals, needs and thoughts are at the center. Evangelical Humanism says, “The chief end of Christianity is the happiness of man-after he dies.” In other words, make sure people don’t go to hell.

That’s good right? No, not as a primary focus. The primary goal of Christianity is not about man’s happiness. It is about God’s glory. And Evangelical Humanism puts God’s glory in second place…which is a very dangerous placed to have it.

What can result with Evangelical Humanism? Pastors and missionaries can become so focused on the needs of the ones they minister to that their marriage and family takes second place. As one missionary’s son said, “I wish I’d been born a Muslim, then my father would have spent more time with me.” What can result with putting man’s needs first? Divorce. It’s happened too many times on the evangelical scene.

This is one of the many concepts found in the book Cat and Dog Theology. Most people look at the book and think, ‘Oh, what a cute title” and have no idea that it can foundationally change their life. But don’t let the title fool you. This book will challenge your mind in the way you look at life and your relationship with God.

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