I want to heartily recommend a message which Bill Hybels recently gave at his annual Leadership Summit.

The message is titled “Vision to Die For”, and concerns how leaders get others to fully buy into a vision for the church, organization, etc. Hybels contends that the way to do so, is by allowing/inviting others within the organization to dream/pray together concerning the formation on the vision

He admits that this can be a slow, messy process which can be very difficult for the “go-getter” leader, which he admits to being himself – I found it amusing that he says that “process” is a cuss word and he uses it when yelling at other drivers who cut him off in traffic!

Hybels mainly uses his real-life experiences (both positive and negative) to explain his points, making very practical application as he goes.

We recommend this resource precisely because this is exactly what we try to do when helping a church define its purpose and vision with regards to the Great Commission. We have seen the lasting value of taking the time to get input, pray, dream, research and work together in coming up with a focus. This process (there’s that word again!) not only gets everyone “on the same page”, but (more importantly) it also creates ownership. When people feel as though they have a stake in developing a plan/vision, they are much more willing to invest in seeing it fulfilled.

I know that Bill Hybels is controversial to some (but then, who isn’t disliked by at least one other person?), but few can deny his leadership skills and the effectiveness with which he has been able to inspire and motivate those who sit under his leadership.

This teaching can be purchased at: http://wall.willowcreek.com/leaders/2007_summit/leadership_store.asp