by: Matthew Ellison, President Sixteen:Fifteen

7 Questions for Church Leaders to Help Evaluate Effectiveness in Mission:
  • Communing – Have we sought and heard God’s heart for our involvement in fulfilling the Great Commission?

  • Consensus – Does our leadership share a unified passion to extend the gospel of Jesus Christ to those outside of its reach?

  • Cost – Do we have a God-centered motive strong enough to engage the sacrificial commitment of our people and resources?

  • Champion – Has God raised up a torchbearer who will champion this cause among us?

  • Calling – Have we focused informed attention on the area of the world God is calling us to reach?

  • Connection – Are we working with like-minded agencies and field partners to maximize our time, talents, and treasures?

  • Commitment – Are we prepared to accept responsibility for taking the resurrected Christ’s words as our mission?