Come now, let us reason together, says the LORD. Isaiah 1:18

I’ve heard it said that churches don’t do missions well because they have not thought about missions well. Sixteen:Fifteen’s new ministry concept, The Mission Table, is a web-based interactive conversation that will compel church and mission leaders to reason, to think, to dig deeply into the Scriptures and to ask important, fundamental questions about the global mission of God.

Why The Mission Table?

At Sixteen:Fifteen we believe that a critical step in effective, church-transforming, world-changing missions mobilizations is to encourage thoughtful, transparent, stimulating conversation. Over the last ten years I have encountered church after church that has developed mission commitments without ever asking the why, what and how questions about missions.  In essence, they do before they know and the result is often an approach to missions, however well-intentioned, that is out of sync with the Biblical missions mandate to make disciples of all nations. At The Mission Table we aim to move conversation, and not just any conversation – we are here to talk about history’s greatest movement, the Mission of God to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the whole world. Our prayer is that The Mission Table not only impacts the ongoing conversation among Western evangelicals but that it results in more churches thinking critically about missions. Ultimately our hope is that this table would move conversation that moves churches to action.


This is The Mission Table – Moving conversation, that moves you.

We hope you will join the conversation.

The Mission Table premieres February 17, 2015. We hope you will join us as we explore the idea that every follower of Christ is a missionary.

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Sixteen:Fifteen exists to help local churches discover and use their unique gifts in partnership with others to make Christ known among all nations. Find out more at or call to talk to a Church Coach at 505-248-1615, or email us. Want more information about The Mission Table? Click Here