We are excited to let you know about a new missions offering from one of our missions partners that combines child sponsorship and reaching unreached peoples. Learn more here from Thomas Carrao, the Executive Director of One Church. One Village.

One Church. One Village.

How can one church make an eternal difference in one village in India? Countless villages have no church, pastor, missionary, or even a believer. India has more than 2,000 Unreached People Groups, and over a Billion individuals in India have no idea about the amazing grace of Jesus. How can one church introduce the Good News to one village for the first time? How do we make disciples and plant a church in a village resistant to the Gospel? How does a church get their members involved in reaching a village half way around the world?


Reaching One Village. 

It begins with a partnership, a shared vision to reach the Unreached in India. Together we seek and pray for God to lead us to a village He has prepared for us to begin ministry in. Then we start a Village Learning Center (VLC) where kids will come six days a week for educational tutoring. This is the open door for the Gospel. Every day, before tutoring begins, the children learn a story from the Bible and are introduced to Jesus. Discipleship begins with the children and over time parents begin seeking the Lord, too. Through the children and the VLC, we strive to plant a healthy church.

Engaging One Church.     thumbnail-30

A critical part of a church’s missions vision is giving the people a way to be involved and engaged on an individual and family basis. How does a church get involvement from their people when trying to reach an Unreached village so far away? Through the “One Church. One Village.” model, there are two easy ways to get people involved. First, give the people in your church an opportunity to sponsor the children from the village. This creates real enthusiasm as everyone in the church is sponsoring a child from the same village. When they receive letters from their child, sponsors share with others within the church and it keeps your missions vision alive and in front of people without having to always talk about it during weekend services. Jesus said it best when He said, “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” It’s amazing to watch families be so excited and committed to the church’s missions vision because of their involvement and investment in a child. The second way to get people involved is by sending teams from your church to visit the village and the children sponsored. This takes things to a whole new level and helps create a buzz around the church.

So, what’s the end goal? One Church engaged in reaching One Village in India.

‘Til all have heard,

Thomas Carrao
Mid India Christian Mission
Executive Director

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