by: Rebecca Tarantino, Intern at Sixteen: Fifteen

When I hear the word “treasure”, I think of pirates, hidden treasure chests, and gold. The real meaning of the word “treasure” is a thing or person that is highly prized or valued. What do you value most? Who/what is your treasure?
In John Piper’s book Don’t Waste Your Life, he explains how to avoid a wasted life. Overall, this book was very eye opening. Through repetition and rhetorical questions, John Piper makes his readers think and reflect on their own lives. I recommend everyone to read this book. My favorite part was the chapter about magnifying Christ in our pain and death. Before I read this chapter, I had no idea what it meant to glorify Christ in death. Through this book, God opened my eyes to what this meant. In this chapter, John Piper took Philippians 1:20-26 verse by verse and explained it in detail. In this passage, Paul gives his life’s goal – to magnify Christ in his life and death. So how do we glorify Christ in death? John Piper gives the perfect answer in his book. “Death makes visible where our treasure is. The way we die reveals the worth of Christ in our hearts. Christ is magnified in my death when I am satisfied with him in my dying – when I experience death as a gain because I gain him.” John Piper later explains that we have to learn how to glorify Christ in our death before we can glorify Him in our life. Paul risked his life to make Christ known, because he was satisfied with dying. He valued God over his life on earth. What do you value? Search your heart. Is God your treasure?