Back in 2017, I had the privilege of co-teaching at The Bridge Church in Venice, Florida.  This was a celebration for The Bridge Church’s global vision that was forged through Sixteen:Fifteen’s missions coaching process. Today, the vision still bears fruit.

I shared…

“if the goal of the Great Commission were to simply win as many people to Jesus as possible we might view world missions like pouring syrup on a pancake.  If we pour the syrup (the Gospel) out in one place on the pancake (the world), we might eventually saturate the entire pancake with the syrup.  But world missions is something more like pouring syrup (the Gospel) all over a waffle (the world).  Think of each square on a waffle as a people group, think of the crispy edges that form a barrier as distinct languages and cultures that prevent the syrup from just flowing from one square to the next.  In fact, if you just pour out syrup in one place on a waffle, the outer squares will likely never receive any syrup at all.  To saturate the waffle with syrup you have to intentionally pour syrup into every single square.”

Well, the Bridge has begun pouring the Gospel into two people groups that have not yet tasted the sweetness of Jesus.  I am sharing a link to the video message, I hope you will take the time to watch as it is a moving example of how God can use missions coaching to unleash and mobilize a church to reach the nations, making sure that the Gospel is being poured into every nation, tribe and tongue.  I sense that God is smiling on this church and this was a sacred moment in history… as they attempt great things for God, they are expecting great things from Him.

Matthew Ellison’s Message to The Bridge Church