I often hear people say that Islam is the most dangerous religion in the world. Usually they are referring to the radical elements such as Al-Queda and others. I suppose in one sense it is true that Islam is dangerous to the security of the West.

But I think Islam is much, much more dangerous for another reason.

Today, the religion of Islam holds 1.3 BILLION people hostage to a false view of God. A God who doesn’t offer unconditional love and has made no provision for their salvation. That, to me, makes Islam far more dangerous than the actions of militants.

There would be no militant Muslims if they held a proper view of God.

This year the month of September coincides with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Most people by now know that Muslims skip food and drink from sunrise to sunset for the entire 30 days. What is lesser known is that it is believed it was during Ramadan that Mohammed received his first revelations. Because of this, many Muslims think that God is more inclined to listen and perhaps even respond to them during this month.

For the past decade-plus Christians all over the world have joined their voices in focused prayer for Muslims during Ramadan. I strongly encourage you to take part as well. The website www.30-days.net has a ton of resources to help you do so. There is a downloadable 50-page prayer guide, as well as a one-page guide to prayer topics for the 30 days and a bunch of links to other helpful resources.

Would you take the time to pray for (and with) Muslims this month as they seek to connect with God? Only eternity will reveal what difference your prayers will make.