idonate scrreen capSixteen:Fifteen’s Matthew Ellison asks Brian Roberts from iDonate a few questions about how churches and missions organizations can accept noncash donations.

1. Stuff…people have lots of stuff. Brian, give us an idea of just how much stuff the average American household has accumulated?

A study by UCLA who observed 32 families found the following:

• The average family has 438 books and magazines, 212 music CDs, 90 DVDs, and 39 pairs of shoes.
• The majority of the homes had at least 250 visible dolls, toys, and action figures.
• 75% of Americans can’t use their garage because it is already at capacity.
• Americans have 3% of the world’s children but buy 40% of the world’s toys.
• According to the Rental Industry Association, Americans spend $22 billion a year on storage rental fees because 1 in 10 Americans have a storage unit.

2. How would iDonate work with a church or missions agency to help their constituents and/or members divest their stuff and turn it into Kingdom resources?

Simple! Implement iDonate’s unified giving system, then encourage them to use our promotional resources, or their existing ones, to promote noncash giving to their members.

3. We like the idea but this seems really complicated. How is it possible for an organization to accept noncash donations…simply?

iDonate offers a full service donation system that not only includes the technology to make it easy for your donors to give, but the entire back office to liquidate and receipt on your behalf. All you do is market and promote it.

4. What are the next steps Brian? How can a church, missions agency or any non-profit organization get started?

Contact me to schedule a live demo to learn more about how we can help your church or missions organization accept cash and noncash donations. Let me know you heard about iDonate through Sixteen:Fifteen.

Brian Roberts , CRO, iDonate
office 214.790.7463
mobile 940.293.7627
fax 214.865.7432

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