by: Michael O’Halloran

At Home (Clovis, California) Across the Border (West Central Mexico), and
Around the World (Northern India)

We are excited to share with you some great news we recently received from Northside Christian Church, a church located in Clovis, California (suburb of Fresno) that we coached last year. To refresh your memory, Matthew Ellison wrote a blog detailing the alarming statistics about the Circle of Silence in West Central Mexico. It is reported that less than 2% are born again Christians, and the work in this area is extremely difficult-hardened soil (hearts) by the deceitfulness of sin and the lack of “Sonshine” for countless decades.

But God, who is rich in mercy, abounding in love, and faithful to His promise, by the mighty working of the Holy Spirit, began a work in this region! The light of God’s Son is breaking the hardened soil (heart). It was reported by Northside Christian Church that 15 individuals from one of these marginalized people groups in the Circle of Silence (for security reasons the name is not mentioned) came to saving faith in the finished work of Jesus Christ-Praise God!

Please know that as a partner with Sixteen: Fifteen, you played a significant role in the advancement of the gospel in West Central Mexico-thank you! Your sacrificial gifts and faithful prayers have enabled Sixteen:Fifteen to unleash the missions potential of Northside Christian Church. As a result of the missions coaching process, they became focused on declaring Christ: at home, across the border, and around the world.

Not only is Northside Christian Church committed to spreading the gospel in the Circle of Silence, they are also working in Northern India among the Punjabi Sikh’s. And after researching an effective strategy for evangelism and outreach, it was discovered that many Punjabi Sikh’s live in the Fresno Valley. Northside began to reach out with the gospel to those living in the shadow of their own church. As a result of their focused and passionate outreach, they have seen many attend one of their weekend services.

Furthermore, many congregants are seeking to establish relationships, in order to understand the practical needs of the Sikh’s, as many are poor and lack the social and economic skills to get along in the community. In fact, prior to their outreach programs, many in the church viewed the Sikh’s as a nuisance and burden to their community, however, now they are seen through the eyes of God as precious and in need of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  

I am confident that many of you will not visit this portion of the word or the Fresno Valley, not for the lack of passion but for the lack of time and personal calling by our risen King. However, you played a major role in this exciting news and your generosity and faithfulness in prayer has been joined with those around the country to make an eternal impact in a portion of the world that desperately needs the Good News of Jesus Christ, the power of God unto salvation.

Sixteen: Fifteen understands the power of partnership (it is one of our core values), and we know without a shadow of doubt that your partnership was key in unlocking Northside Christian Church to reach the nations: at home, across the border, and around the world. We are humbled and honored by your partnership in the gospel of Jesus Christ, so it is with joy and gratitude that we say a big thank you!

A Closing Word about Supporting the Ministry of Sixteen:Fifteen.

As we turn our calendars to the summer months, we see our crazy-busy, yet relaxing and exciting vacation plans: trips to the beach, weekends at the lake, camping trips, fishing by our favorite stream, road trip to see grandma and grandpa, full-filled days riding roller coasters and eating junk food, or simply a stack of unread book that we can’t wait to enjoy while sitting next to the pool or lying in the hammock. 

Sixteen:Fifteen would humbly but boldly ask that you prayerfully consider standing with us financially this summer. It is typically during the summer months that we see and feel the most financial pressures. Therefore, your gift, large or small, during the summer can allow us the opportunity to coach more churches like Northside Community Church, and by God’s mighty power, we can report to you more exciting stories from the mission field. We are extremely grateful for your generous support! May God’s richest blessing be upon you, your loved ones, your work at home, in your communities, and in the marketplace.