Should the local church in America still be sending missionaries to the ends of the earth?  Let’s continue the conversation…..
In many cases, sending just a portion of our surplus, $50 to $100 each month, will provide support for one full-time national worker.  While the typical cost to send an American missionary family overseas is over $60,000 per year and this cost continues to rise – the same cost as supporting 60 or more national workers.  Think of what that money could do for the Kingdom of God!
Admittedly, this rationale is appealing.  Nationals have the  language and they know the culture and they cost so much less.  But what about the thousands of people groups around the world where there are no “nationals”, no witnessing churches?  Nearly 2 billion souls live among people groups where there is no evangelizing church movement, often no witness of Christ at all.  For these, by definition, someone must leave home to reach them.  If a foreigner doesn’t go in from the outside they will never hear the Gospel.  To Send or Not To Send?
This is the question we discussed during our most recent free webinar.  We had so many wonderful questions but not enough time to address them all.  So let’s continue the conversation!  Below are some of the questions we were not able to discuss and we invite you to tell us what YOU think!  Post your thoughts in the comments section. 
  • “Before we send a missionary, shouldn’t we ask the national leaders in that community if they even want a western missionary?”
  • “How important is cultural competency in preparing to send people to witness abroad?”
  • “What would you say is the importance of sending western missionaries to mobilize the local church?”
  • What is the attrition rate of Western v. National workers “
  • “The focus on obedience really encouraged me, do you have any suggestions on how to unify the missions committee, the budget committee and the members of a church to focus on obedience of God’s calling on our missions?”
We look forward to reading your responses!  If you missed the webinar CLICK HERE to view it from our website.
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