Our passion is to see a movement of local churches rise up and take their place in the greatest movement in history, namely the Great Commission.  We long to see churches join God in His invincible, unthwartable mission to fill heaven with worshipers from all nations, tribes and tongues. 

 • We are driven by a passion to assist the local church in spreading the glory of Christ among all peoples.

 We have a deep conviction that the local church is God’s chosen primary instrument to spread His glory to the nations.  Paul wrote that it is through the church that “the manifold wisdom of God should be made known” (Eph.3:10).  Churches have for too long abdicated missions to the mission agency. Our passion is to see the church become all that God intends her to be, being led by the Spirit, using her gifts and resources in partnership with others to reach the nations, planting reproducible churches where Christ is not known or treasured.

We are driven by a passion to see local churches cultivate God-honoring partnerships to see Christ treasured among all people groups.

The local church is the foundation of the global mandate to make disciples of all nations, but she cannot do it alone. The church must be open to partner with other churches and also mission agencies that can come alongside to help her fulfill her mission that the Lord has laid on her heart.

• We are driven by a passion to see global outreach in the local church strategically focused.

George Miley expresses this passion best when he wrote, “Our God-designed finiteness limits what any one of us can effectively undertake. Therefore, our mission initiatives need to be strategically focused in order to bring maximum glory to Christ. Traditionally many churches have developed mission commitments without strategic integration. Predominately, churches have left the formation of strategy to agencies and have just sent people apart from understanding the strategic need and opportunities in the world. Responding to opportunities as they come up might seem right at first, but the end result will be a shotgun-like effect to which our people will be less and less able to meaningfully engage.  The central questions become ‘What does it mean to complete God’s purpose among all nations?’ ‘What strategic opportunities remain?’ ‘In which ones is God calling our church to be his channel of blessing?’ That is where we focus.” (Loving the Church-Blessing the Nations)

• We are driven by a passion to see churches engaged in a Great Commission strategy that mobilizes and marshals the gifts and contributions of every believer.

The Great Commission is central to God’s thinking and to His activity.  The Great Commission is central to Scripture; therefore, it should not merely be relegated to missions minded people in or outside the church.  The work of planting churches among all peoples is a complex process that calls forth the involvement of all believers.  We long to see church-wide participation in the Great Commission.

Our passions are our convictions—placed in our hearts by God and guiding our actions as we move forward in the fulfillment of His ministry.  If you want to know more about what drives us and moves us, please email me at, matthewellison@1615.org

‘Til all have heard,
Matthew Ellison
President and Church Missions Coach


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