As a child, I suppose my favorite holiday was Christmas.  An explanation probably isn’t necessary, right?  What child doesn’t love Christmas?But now I am 42 years old…the reality that life can be hard and painful and that we all have an appointment with death can no longer be ignored.  This is why I now love Easter more than any other holiday.  I know that without Christmas, there would be no Easter.  I know that the reason Jesus became a man was to die. As God, he could not die for sinners.  But as man he could.  Good Friday was possible because of Christmas.

But I love Easter because it reminds me that death has been destroyed by the One who trampled it by laying down His own life on Good Friday and then taking it up again on Resurrection Sunday.He, In hell, in hell laid low;
Made sin, He sin o’erthrew:
Bow’d to the grave, destroy’d it so,
And death, by dying slew. – SpurgeonDeath loosed both of my parents last year, and they flew to their Savior.  Death was their fiery chariot that took them to His side. It was the gentle voice of their King, saying, “Friend, come up to Me now, come Home.

I remember rising early every Easter Sunday as a boy, being dressed by my mother in my little brown suit.  I remember the clip on tie that irritated my neck.  I remember having to hold still, along with my brother and sisters also dressed in their best clothes, for pictures in front of our house beside my father’s beloved rose bushes.  Once we arrived at church, I remember my impatience to get back home so I could lose the tie and hunt for eggs and candies. But now I am 42 and I will not begrudge lingering on Easter Sunday at church, to hear again the story of my favorite holiday.

Matthew Ellison

Have a blessed Good Friday and Resurrection Day from the Sixteen:Fifteen family!  We are because He is!