Faith to Action Initiative serves as a resource for Christian groups, churches, and individuals seeking to respond to the needs of orphans and vulnerable children around the world. 

In our biblical mandate to care for the orphan, Christians have generously responded since the times of the early church. Recent data from the Barna Group shows that American Christians send approximately $3.3 billion annually to orphanages and residential care centers as they live out that biblical call. 

However, both Scripture and decades of research agree that orphanages, no matter their quality, cannot provide the love and care that children need in order to grow and thrive into adulthood.  In our time together, we will examine God’s vision for family for every child, briefly examine what the research says about care for vulnerable children, discuss the historical response of the Church to care for those vulnerable children, and consider some alternatives that help us, the Church, provide even better care for vulnerable children around the world.  

This discussion is particularly important in light of the devastating crises in our world, to include the global impacts of COVID-19 and the recent Haiti Earthquake. 

Please join us to consider the best way that we can live into our biblical mandate to care for the orphan and the widow.


P2P Gathering
Wed. December 1, 2021
10 am PDT | 11 am MDT | 12 pm CDT | 1 pm EDT 
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