Free Webinar | Thu, May 14, 2020 11AM MDT

Keeping the Missions Flame Burning During a Pandemic: God, Germs and Missions Part II

Human nature is quite predictable when it comes to setting priorities. The things that affect us most intimately—the welfare of our family and friends and the welfare of our community and country—almost always receive first dibs on our attention. It takes a major adjustment to our mental and spiritual orientation for us to add a focus on culturally-distant people living and dying without the gospel. In the best of times, it takes a great deal of intentionality and information and inspiration for us to truly care for peoples and places outside our orbit of first-hand relationships, how much more so during a crisis? Without a special emphasis, the needs across the street (that clearly should be addressed, especially in difficult times) will tend to crowd out the needs across the world. If you are a church missions leader wondering how to keep the missions flame burning when there is some much uncertainty, trouble and hardship on the home front, you’ll want to participate in this webinar as we discuss Biblical, practical ways to stoke missions flame during a pandemic.

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