The Church must derive Her understanding of missionary and missionary functions from the apostolic nature of the Triune God. Such identity and practice are manifested in the apostolic work of the New Testament Church. Over the centuries, the Church has moved away from apostolic terms and functions and redefined the identity and activity of those who have been sent. Join us as guest, JD Payne, calls us to return to that original imagination that fueled the first century thought and practice. 

This gathering examines the contemporary practice of western missions and advocates a more central place of the role of the Scriptures in defining missionary language, identity, purpose, function, and strategy as the Church considers Great Commission labors in the age of post-colonial missions and a post-Christianized West. After describing the apostolic imagination and challenges to the development of that imagination, the following topics will be addressed:

• Rethinking language
• Rethinking identity
• Rethinking priority
• Rethinking function
• Rethinking location
• Rethinking strategy
• Rethinking the West

P2P Gathering
Wed. June 2, 2021
10 am PDT | 11 am MDT | 12 pm CDT | 1 pm EDT
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