“Mission Agencies can no longer afford to do traditional missions better.  They must start thinking paradigmatically differently.”

-Author George Miley, “Loving the Church, Blessing the Nations”


Are you part of a missions organization that desires to meaningfully and effectively engage in partnerships with local churches? If so, join us on February 8 & 9 in Atlanta, GA for Sixteen:Fifteen’s Mission Agency Consultation as we help you and your organization consider these important questions…

  • How do churches perceive your missions/mobilization organization?
  • How does your organization perceive churches?
  • Are you doing missions/mobilization “for” churches instead of “with” churches?
  • Are you cultivating a pro-church culture?
  • Is it possible to connect what you do best to what churches do best?
  • Does your agency really know the Church in North America?


The Mission Agency Consultation is a highly interactive consultation and learning experience that includes:

  • Dynamic teaching
  • Interactive training
  • Personalized consulting
  • Debriefing to maximize learning
  • Networking with other mission leaders
  • Identification of actions required to cultivate a pro-church culture

Click here to check out our 2021 Mission Agency Consultation Report to see the impact and hear from ministry leaders and their experience.

There is a widespread missions paradigm shift occurring in the Church that is marked by a ground swell of local churches desiring a more active role in fulfilling the Great Commission than they have in the past.  Growing numbers of local churches no longer perceive missions simply as sending individuals and finances to mission organizations, they long to do missions in a way that is focused, that has lasting impact, and which bears their unique fingerprints. They are often no longer content merely to serve in support roles from a distance, instead they desire opportunities for active engagement.  While this paradigm shift represents a positive change, it presents challenges to many mission organizations that have yet to address these new local church expectations.

Now is a strategic time to pause and enter in to this conversation within your own organization and with others.

We hope to see you in Georgia in February!

Matthew Ellison, President

$375 / person
$2200 / groups 6-8 people
$250 / person for groups of 9+

Tuesday, February 8 // 10am-6pm
Wednesday, February 9 // 10am-6pm

Africa Inland Mission HQ
600 Westpark Drive
Peachtree City, GA 30269

Leaders, Mobilizers and anyone in your organization who influences culture and interacts with local churches

Consultation Also Includes (both days) 

  • Catered Lunch 
  • Snacks, Water & Coffee
  • Workshop Materials

Questions? Contact David Jackett

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