Go into all the world

and preach the gospel to all creation.

Mark 16:15

What we do for your church

Like any good coach, a church missions coach is someone who helps your team.

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Understand Its Purpose

Your Sixteen:Fifteen coach will come alongside you for the duration of the coaching process. We’ll assess your current situation and help understand your purpose.

Set Clear Goals

We’ll work with your church leadership, acting as a guide through the 3D Process (Discover, Design, Deploy) to develop a solid game plan for success.

Train and Prepare

Your dedicated coach will not only mentor and train your church to implement and execute your plan, but will be available and accessible to walk with you throughout the entire process… encouraging, supporting, and advising.

Assess and Repeat

We’ll make mid game corrections as needed then we’ll watch and assess the outcome and repeat the whole process as needed. Our coaches consider it a privilege to join your church in taking Christ to the nations.

The 3D Process

Our 3D process is not a one-time event but a highly customizable process.


We help establish a biblical foundation for your church’s missions mandate, assessing your present efforts, and seeking the Lord’s direction in crafting a mission statement for the global outreach of your church. You’re guided through developing a set of core values, and in discovering and articulating a unique missions vision to align with God’s heart for the nations and compel your church to action.


We’ll begin to develop a strategic missions plan in order to realize your unique vision. This plan will include broad sets of opportunities, making it possible for everyone in your congregation to be involved. Then we’ll help you start building strong partnerships with hand-picked agencies who embrace the active role of the local church in missions and who provide expertise and resources which you’ll need in order to be effective on the field.


Finally, your vision is set in motion, partnerships are established, and the whole church is mobilized. The Great Commission becomes integrated into every aspect of body life… to pray, visit, teach, multiply, fund, and plant.


We exist to help local churches discover and use their unique gifts in partnership with others to make Christ known among all nations!

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What difference can
one church make?

There are over 6,000 unreached people groups…over half of them engaged by no one. There is no one church, no one mission agency, and in some cases not even one Bible. No one has yet taken responsibility to tell them of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ

When more than 2,000,000,000 people lack access to the Gospel 2,000 years after the mandate was given, the status quo is increasingly unacceptable to the body of Christ. This discontent is the work of God’s Spirit as He awakens a wave of churches to their unrealized missions potential.

This growing movement is acknowledged by churches and mission agencies alike. Both play an important role in the completion of the Great Commission. But local churches, having long been relegated to an impersonal involvement, are now answering the call with a rekindled sense of urgency and a new passion to reclaim the Great Commission, mobilize and finish the task. However many church leaders may not know where to start and often lack the experience needed to become central players in reaching the unreached.

Read the Waterstone Church story

A brief look at how Sixteen:Fifteen helped one congregation turn into a fully engaged missions oriented church.

Mathew comes in with a wealth of knowledge and resources. He did not have us a cookie cutter package on how to do missions, but worked with us to use our strengths, experience, interests, and giftedness to develop a missions program that was right for us. We came out of the processes better able to involve our people in God’s story for the nations.

We are just beginning to see the impact of our new missions program. People are learning to love Muslims and not to live in fear. They are asking questions and pondering their place in God’s Story. We’re sponsoring children living in poverty and are looking for opportunities to volunteer at local ministries. We are beginning to wonder “Does God want me to go?”